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Grafana is a cloud tool for the creation of visual boards. This tool allows the connection of various database sources such as InfluxDB, ElasicSearch, PostgreSQL, etc. Thanks to a simple clicking interface, it is possible to create well-arranged monitoring panels and test graphs, compare values, or analyze data using various mathematical functions.


Grafana is available on the Hexio IoT Platform at

Image: Grafana Login Page

Note: Grafana can also have a public organization to which you can be redirected without the need to log in. By clicking the Log in icon which is displayed on the image below on the left hand side, you will get back on the Log in page. You can find this icon on the lower left panel. After a successful login, your profile icon is displayed on the same spot. (image below - right). If the left panel is not displayed, click on the logo in the upper left corner.

Image: Login icon vs. Profile icon

Home Page

After a successful login, you will see the boards you have recently visited and starred ones. After clicking the profile icon, you will b eredirected into the Profile section (profile icon > Preferences).

Image: Home Page


In the Profile section you can see your personal information. You can change your password here as well. Attention: Grafana and Hexio IoT Cloud are not interconnected and so the password change only takes place for the specific tool and will not be synced.

Image: Profile Settings

Switching between Organizations

If you are a member in multiple organizations, you will see the boards of only one organization. To switch to a different organization, click the Profile icon and then hit the button "Switch" by the currently selected organization labeled as "Current Org" (image above). Then you will see a switching dialogue window as seen on the image below. After clicking the button "Switch to", you will be taken to the selected organization.

Image: Organization Switching

Main Menu

The Main menu contains several buttons. Please do not forget that all buttoons are available for all roles in Grafana (Admin/Editor/Viewer). The example shows the Admin role.

  • Icon “PLUS” is used to create new boards and folders.
  • Icon “SQUARES” enables browsing and management of boards, as well as creating a playlist or a snapshot.
  • Icon "COMPASS" quickly displays data.
  • Icon “BELL” gives you overview of all alerts and let´s you set up notification channels.
  • Icon “GEAR” is available only for the Admins of the organization.
  • Icon “SHIELD” is available only for the Admins of the whole Grafana.

Image: Main Menu Options

Public Board

If you are not logged in, you will see freely available boards. After logging in, click the icon displayed on the second image in the section Start. Of the left panel is not displayed, click the logo in the upper left hand side corner.

Image: Public Home Page

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